We carefully select and cultivate strong partnerships with Home Health Agencies that are focused on excellence in delivering skilled patient care services and driven by sound business practices.

Frequently asked questions

We can be reached via:
Tel: (818) 742 6465
Fax: (818) 332 3045
e-mail: officemanager@airshomehealth.com
An AIRS representative is readily available from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm to answer your questions or assist with referrals intake and coordination.

Yes, we have 2 on-call representatives that will be able to assist with referrals intake and staff coordination on weekends.

Yes, we have 2 on-call representatives that will be able to assist with referrals intake and staff coordination after office hours

Once you choose AIRS as your home therapy partner you will immediately realize the strength of our time-tested experience, the depth of our expertise, the quality and cost-effectiveness of our services, the state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the leading edge management team that adheres to sound business practices and strives to maintain professional and ethical conduct in all endeavors. At AIRS we understand that our strength comes from the success of our clients. Simply put, the main focus of our business is your success!

By focusing first and foremost on our client’s needs!
We meticulously select, train, and retain the most talented rehabilitation professionals with right attitude. AIRS guarantees a flawless 24/7 around the clock intake process and execution of referral coordination, courteous inter-disciplinary and inter-organizational communication, and exceptional patient outcomes and satisfaction. We bring to the partnership a proven record of reliability, loyalty, integrity, and outstanding customer satisfaction.

We evaluate the Performance and Competency of our clinicians on a regular basis to ensure that their skills and knowledge meets the highest standards of practice. We develop and revise our Policies and Procedures regularly in order to adequately meet the evolving needs of our clients, to achieve the desirable outcomes in patient care, and to uphold our clinical documentation to the highest standards. Our relentless commitment to improvement, our passionate desire to excel, and the drive to create a state-of-the-art business model have been based on consistent effort and substantial financial investment in our infrastructure from the very beginning.

No. In contrast to other Therapy groups AIRS does not directly or indirectly solicit referrals from Physicians for Medicare Part B Therapy Services to be delivered in home setting. Neither do we market our services directly to Private Pay and Medicare patients. In order to avoid potential “conflict of interests”, our services are available exclusively and only through our contracted Home Health Agency clients. With AIRS you can be sure that our only business is your business!

AIRS leads the Home Health Therapy industry in designing and implementing clinical documentation forms as well as Policies and Procedures to meet the stringent and evolving expectations of CMS, Joint Commission, and APTA organizations for evidence-based content that clearly supports the medical necessity and effectiveness of skilled interventions. Our Copyrighted Clinical Documentation Forms are “best in class” with a long track record of proven success in dealing with ADRs and overturning denials. Our forms have been praised by top consultants in the Home Health field, and by numerous CMS and Joint Commission auditors for its unsurpassed level of support for medical necessity, clear evidence of skilled interventions and functional outcomes presented in concise and easy-to-read format.

The clinical documentation is electronically submitted by our Therapists in most cases on daily basis using our online web-based SOS Electronic Medical Record system. Every file is then reviewed by our QA specialist to ensure accuracy of data and to eliminate errors. As soon accuracy is established, the file is then made available in the agency’s password-protected web portal for viewing and printing, often on the very next day!

By partnering with AIRS your agency will get instant access to our online, state-of-the-art, patented Electronic Human Resource Management System that will enable your agency to access and update credentials and documents for all therapists in our group instantly. This will enable your agency to significantly decrease work hours allocated to deal with this important and challenging task while increasing productivity of your HR department. Our unique web-based system also allows all HR files your agency needs to be ready “anywhere and anytime” for audit by CMS, Joint Commission or CA DPH representatives.

AIRS has a pioneering and ongoing history of successful integration of bilingual therapists into our operations. Our team of skilled therapists speaks English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Korean, Armenian, Tagalog, Hindi, German, Portuguese and other languages while representing a variety of religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. The international team proudly assembled by AIRS ensures full understanding of ethnic, cultural, and religious aspects of delivering skilled therapy services to diverse groups of patients in our community.

AIRS provides Skilled Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services in the home health setting. The scope of such services includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Evaluations,
  • Follow-up visits,
  • Start of Care Admissions,
  • Agency Discharges,
  • Performance & Competency Evaluations for therapist within our organization and from other groups,
  • QA, audit, and reviews of Clinical Documentation,
  • Assistance with ADR and Denial appeals,
  • In-services and presentations,
  • Assistance with Policy & Procedure development and reviews,

No. In order to ensure the best continuity of care to our client’s patients, to alleviate the burden of strict regulatory requirements for PTA and COTA supervision, and to ensure compliance with Tax and Labor Laws, AIRS has chosen not to utilize PTA and COTA in its Home Health operations. All skilled Therapy interventions from Evaluation to Discharge will be exclusively provided by Licensed Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists.

Surprisingly affordable!

We have made significant efforts to implement cost-savings and efficiencies across our operations, and we proudly pass on those benefits directly to our clients. Our standard rates do not change during the term of the contract, and do not fluctuate based on the number of referrals received, type of contract, or for any other considerations. Our value-added services help our clients save considerable money and resources in their operations, and very often enable agencies to secure thousands of dollars in approved claims – a financial benefit that goes well beyond our affordable rates!

As opposed to other therapy staffing companies who add eye-popping surcharges for special situations, AIRS will not charge additional fee for staffing referrals after-hours, during holidays, on weekends, or for other emergency staffing needs. At AIRS we believe that going the extra mile for our clients is simply good business practice!

Depending on the urgency, we can process your request and establish a Service Agreement with your agency within the same business day. We should then be able to accept referrals and provide skilled Therapy services to your patients within the following 24 hours after the Service Agreement is signed and approved by your agency.

Certainly! AIRS management will be glad to establish a Service Agreement with your agency even if you still have not received the Medicare Provider Number. AIRS will be there for you, utilizing our expertise to assist your agency through Medicare and Joint Commission certification process, and provide strong technical and logistical support to ensure a successful outcome.

No. In contrast to some of our competitors, AIRS does not impose any requirements for specific number of referrals from our clients. We will gladly accommodate any number of referrals and will treat your agency with the same level of deserved respect as we would treat our strongest referral sources.

Yes! All therapists in our team are master clinicians who have the training and the experience in evidence-based protocols for treating patients with variety of orthopedic, neurological, and medical diagnoses. Our therapists are knowledgeable in the latest advances in post surgical rehabilitation of orthopedic patients. We have a decade-long experience in providing therapy services to patients from world renowned orthopedic surgeons and neurologists, and in consistently meeting their very high expectations.

  • Immediate peace of mind and stability to the highly challenging staffing demands of daily operations;
  • Strategic cost-effective one-stop solution for your agency Skilled Therapy Services needs;
  • Predictable manner and certainty in marketing your services to referral sources with the confidence in the logistical support;
  • Instant access to our innovative and advanced Electronic Human Resource Management System;
  • Copyrighted Documentation that is “best-in-class” in the Home Health industry today.
  • Strength and experience that stands apart with a time-tested proven record of dealing with ADRs and overturning denials
  • Become part of a growing community of satisfied Home Health Agencies that rely on us as an important part of their success, security and prosperity.