We are the company of choice to the most progressive US and Internationally trained therapists. As a result of our relentless focus on the work satisfaction of our team members, our company enjoys the highest level of retention in the industry today.


Choosing the Right partner may be one of the most important decisions any business will make…..

At AIRS we recognize that there are many home therapy companies to choose from. The field is saturated with staffing groups offering a great variety of business models and different types of practices. But once you choose AIRS as your home therapy partner you will realize the strength of our experiences, the superior quality of our services, the state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the leading edge management team that adheres to sound business practices and strives to maintain professional and ethical conduct in all endeavors.

At AIRS, we carefully select and cultivate strong partnerships with Home Health Agencies that are focused on excellence in delivering skilled patient care services and driven by sound business practices.

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Best Practices

The flawless execution of referral coordination and intake process.

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Excellent Staff

The meticulous selection and retention of top rehabilitation professionals.

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Health is a Priority

The exceptional patient satisfaction.

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100% Paperless

We use latest software technologies to save time and work efficiently.

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Get Paid Instantely

We values your association.

Join AIRS today! 50+ group of our successful therapists and 50+ Home Health Agencies